Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is That English?

Some recent shopping and touring experiences have brought much laughter over the 'English' displayed.

A shirt in a factory brand clothing store:

"Sometimes I think I love you but I know it's only lust, lust, lust, lust, lust...."

The plaque for this Russian doll:

"Garfield is famous cartoon image, which was invented by cartoonist Jim Davis. It has become the most famous cat in the world at nowadays. It is engorged, sleepy and like to make gambade. However, its humor and self-trust attract people."

There's technically nothing wrong with this sign, but it still sounds odd.

"Thanks for your presence and you're heartily welcome to join us"

After Jane labeled herself a "lucky dog", James quickly corrected her dated phrase, informing us both that "jammy dodger" is much more appropriate these days. Thanks James.


Trin said...

Man, that Pepe LePew, I mistake him for Garfield ALL the time! By the way, what is "gambade", as in Pepe likes to make gambade? Is that like lemonade, but with gams?? I think my favorite Chinese sign is still "Hello friend, you need bikini?"

Nate said...

Haha, that's what some people call "Engrish"...