Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Photographic Ode to Linus

Since there are only two friends aside from my family who actually come here, I thought I'd take some time to honor them.

These were captured as I drove by the Monzhouli country side, returning from Lake Dalia. I'd buy a ticket home next to me for one of these fellows if I could.


Linus said...

sheeeeeeep ! ! !!! ! ! !

i'm gonna build my house - right there ^ in the middle !

Andy said...

Only two friends, huh? I'd guess you'd at least have three. You'll have to do a pretty awesome photographic ode to make up for that oversight...:)

julie said...

Am I not a friend, or am I family?

Linus said...

i'm trying to find the 'enter picture' button - but it seems to be missing.

Nate said...

Am I one of the two friends? :) I love those bridge pictures... but they definitely don't look like they would be in China.
- Nate L.