Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Monzhouli Post Five: Random Statues

Border Gate Statue
I'm not sure what the M symbolizes.

Russian Doll Square

Russian Doll Square
Bugle Boy

Russian Doll Square

Russian Doll Square
The Year of The Cow

Russian Doll Square
1982: The Year of The Dog

Dalia Lake
Hulun Lady

Dalia Lake
Random Useless Turtle

Dalia Lake
Dragon Boat

Monzhouli Streets
Ring around the light post
No pockets cause we're naked
No clothes, no clothes
We dance around!


Joanne said...

Could M be for Monzhouli? Was the "Ring around the light post" wording on a plaque or from your head?

China Doll said...

The play on the children's rhyme about the children dancing is definitely from my head, not a plaque.